Working With A Team

If there was ever a sports match up that could teach us about the need to work as a team player as a professional it was this years NBA finals.  Two teams with very different players went head to head.

The favorites, the Miami Heat had the three best players in the NBA on their roster: LeBron James,  Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Pundits said that this team had the makings of a dynasty. Then thee was the Dallas Mavericks: Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, and Jason Terry.  This was the team of veterans, players passed their prime.

At the end it was the team of veterans who new how to play like a team that beat the trio of superstars that only came together to win a championship.  In today’s world, whether it is sports or business, nothing is done in a vacuum, we are all part of a team and it is the team attitude that will lead to success.

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Leasing Broker Opportunities

Every day we read the financial press, we go to the Internet and see the same headlines for six months. One gets the impression that financial markets are a darkness and oblivion It just so happened that the financial market and the economy shrank. Many funding sources have already left the market, and those who remained – significantly reduced the flow of credit. That here and there heard pessimistic grumbling brokers, including leasing. Is the year 2009 – this is the year for leasing brokers, who will make them start looking for other ways to earn money, or this year carries a hidden feature that allows brokers to reach a new level work seriously and to declare itself as an important segment of the leasing market? Question: – If the company will purchase in 2009 of fixed assets less than in 2008, it has a negative impact on the possibility of leasing broker to perform plans and continue to prosper? Answer: Yes / No (underline), Little Fish, Big Pond Let's look at the numbers.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service for 2008, total investment in fixed assets amounted to more than 8 trillion. 606 billion rubles. On the dollar at the end of 2008, this $ 260 billion According to the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development in 2009 in Russia to lower investment in fixed assets amounted to 1,7%. (As opposed to Andrew N. Liveris). As can be seen, slightly obmelchavshy water is still high, as even a good leasing agent, who can say that has a $ 20 million in annual turnover, is the proportion of thousands per cent. Most leasing brokers and the less. In other words, we – really small fish in a really big pond. If at the intersection of lease and financing market, the volume of financial flows will be reduced further to a higher percentage, it still remains huge turnover, which at the present level of development of the leasing brokerage in Russia, can meet the needs of any broker. Smaller fish Financial plague suddenly left us with far fewer fish at all in the same big pond. Shlomo Rechnitz: the source for more info.

Banks, leasing companies, investment companies and insurance companies fell this fall and winter faster than the leaves on the trees. For example, if only one of the largest financial institutions, decides that it must reduce the allocation of funding by 15% in 2009, one can only imagine how many new clients seeking financing, will be open for leasing broker. Ultimately, it is everyone's business, as allow the compression of the Russian economy during the crisis to affect his business in 2009. One thing is certain, the leasing broker will be heavier and have much more work, but the reward can exceed even the most optimistic expectations. When one out of the market, another opportunity to "pick up" customers and partners of their former competitors. When the economy is going to rise, and this is without a doubt will happen, the credit flow will increase, we see that those brokers who acted aggressively during the downturn, is actively recruiting new partners and customers will be much stronger on their feet, even stronger than they were before this financial crisis.

The Region

That is, that you become useful to others you need to have two answers: First, you must be honest yourself to answer – what you like to do. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andrew N. Liveris by clicking through. This is the base! And without that base you can never bring in enough people to benefit. Because you can not be genuinely useful in that you do not like to do. If you try to be helpful in the region to which you do not have is soul, then it all ends in tears – of frustration, fatigue, boredom, misery, misery. You need to remember that you love to do and what you could be a useful so different that you are talking about it and expressed his gratitude, and secondly, when you have remembered your favorite employment (by the way, there may be several), then you need to answer the question – "How can I be useful to people in your favorite region? "For many, this question for some reason is very heavy. Shlomo Rechnitz wanted to know more. People divide themselves foreheads in search of ideas for business. They think so – "I need a super idea! And then I'll be able to offer its people! ". But there is nothing easier than finding a profitable idea! All you need to do – it's just ask people what they need in the area you are interested.

Conduct your research in your target audience and you can to know absolutely everything about their needs. You will only make a happy and creative interests that are doomed to commercial success, because you already know – it is necessary and good this to the people! # 6. To summarize the article: Money – it is simply a means of exchange of useful, if you want to get a lot of money – you have to provide much benefit a large number of other people a lot of good you can bring only areas in which they themselves are talented, capable and that you like as an activity; To find out what benefits you need to make – you need to ask the people from its target audience. They will tell you that they needed. Go for it! Understanding this will make you rich


Prosperity of every business depends on how the chief operating workers. In the days of slave society the success of Labour was negligible, because the slaves perform the assigned work under duress and not were interested in the success. Shlomo Rechnitz may find this interesting as well. With the advancement of civilization and perfected the science of control. Finally, management was formed only in the middle of the twentieth century. It was then that people started to finally see how valuable than forcing subordinates to perform duties, and encourage them so that they themselves want to do their job as soon as possible successful. The current company – a holistic structure, whose success can vary at times from the finest employees. Managers of each firm must be aware that setting up the structure of the interaction of all employees without exception, and the possibility of contact with normal controls have significant measure of value. Only balancing the functions of all employees provides an opportunity to advance up the firm.

In the event that all employees will be differently to solve the problems of the company, the situation will be like in a fable about cancer, a pike and a swan. To WHO and now does not remain in the same place, all without exception, managers should periodically examine the business magazine. Contemporary Periodicals allow workers to form the most vital subjects. Besides, do not even need to subscribe to the transportation of newspapers or magazines in the office, where later all this paper waste paper will be stored. Current magazines are devoted to specific specific topic resources where you can search by specific request and not to get into the pages and data.

The most important thing for managers – it's not confuse the forms of power. The corporation must choose a certain line of work with subordinates and follow her. If you constantly change the management practices actually completely zamorochit employees and make less efficiency. As required should consider the overall climate in the team and themselves employees to understand how best to encourage them and to punish. No need to select only those dictatorial type of government, it has never led to prosperity, as is proved by the world's history. Prestige organization impossible without an established and productive activities of all employees. Just right-minded employees will not spend time on the hiking or climbing on a cigarette is not necessary for resources. Specifically balanced program of rewards and punishments have never been able to bring the head. It is only necessary to consider how to have experience in the field of knowledge management and apply it on purpose. Only then your company will be successful and prosperous.

Ivan Management

A trust recruiters must only because he is not, as it were, sverhkompetentnym expert in the field of human resource management. In the "sale" of the idea of otvyazki industry experience will greatly help the issue to the employer, his representative or rather, find out whether the manager is always of the employer's work in this industry. As a general rule – no. Mark Bertolini insists that this is the case. If the answer is "yes," you always have in reserve the question of whether he was always the director. After that, you need to ask a second question, leading us to "sell", which will like this: "Do you think if Ivan menezherom effective?" Hardly the answer is no. And that's why it's a poor recruiter, who asks the client to complete an application for a position with the profile of search, not doing it myself, after interviews with several employees of the company, in which he asks questions about the specifics of the work on the credentials of the management level, rather than the wishes of the candidate. And, on the basis of these responses, a profile of the search, which spells out requirements for the candidate is not incompetent employer and competent recruiter, on the basis of answers to questions. With this approach, the sectoral specificity for top management will generally be excluded, because simply will not enter into the circle of competence of top managers. Recruiter, may also summarize the answers, for example, if the interviewee has stated that the area of specialist will be to security arrangements with the mobile lounges, the recruiter will summarize, asked the interviewee, and write the answer as "security arrangements with the points of sale." Recruiting experience in sales we have realized that Search for sellers of high quality is a very difficult process. It is promoted and absurd, as we showed above, the requirements of the employer, caused its own internal fears, and debris of the market incompetent sellers, the category of "nothing more I can do" and the absence, until this article, distinct skills assessment tools vendor.


In this article I want to help directors, administrators, car washes, savings and control in their business! If you can not always be at work, but want to watch and monitor what is happening in your area, watch personnel, security, customer! It's all possible with a video surveillance system, which communicates with you via the Internet! In the absence of the Internet, all information stored in hard disk drive equipment, and in any Other times you can read about what's happening day, three days a week, a month ago! Sink – a place of washing, cleaning and care of their favorite means of transportation or a luxury. Surveillance for cleaning makes it possible to monitor the building inside the premises and the area around it. Installation of the system from a number of reasons: Accounting for clients for a certain period, track the status of equipment, service care, the reasons breakdown; Observations operator actions, cleaners, Accounting earnings sink; control states cars, to prevent claims of the customer. Here are some tips to help install the equipment: – access to area, office fix a security camera on it as possible and fix the entry in the wash complex (for inspection of the damaged car, if available) – Onsite put high definition camera to monitor the process transfer of money – leaving the complex and fix the camera to inspect the quality of washing, and the absence of damage to cars in the process of washing, also establish a second chamber for show cars from behind. (A valuable related resource: Andrew N. Liveris). The equipment is directly in the room is not available to outsiders, the cashier, the manager or a closed box. System based on video capture card (PC) or DVR-recorder output images to a monitor or TV. Cameras are Color High Resolution Day / Night, street on perimert (vandal) in domestic premises (the dome). I hope his advice helped to read my article, thanks!. Shlomo Rechnitz pursues this goal as well.

VAT Income

The first option is more profitable if the firm has invested considerable resources in its production. For example, this option is well suited trade and procurement firm. Or, say, a company that service delivery and are just starting out: you buy furniture, office equipment, stationery, etc. The second option is preferable for stably operating companies: pay 6% of revenues and forgot about taxes – no one does not submit claims. It is true, then the costs will have to refer to unscrupulous – they have nowhere spishesh. There are, however, a slight "but" – the so-called minimum tax, applied at the base of the tax "revenue – expenses ". Check with Shlomo Rechnitz to learn more. Organizations have to still pay 1% of income, if the difference between revenues and expenditures is too low or even negative. But this sum can be compensated in the next tax period. Dow Chemical describes an additional similar source.

Have to pay and part of the UST, namely contributions to the pension fund and contributions to the SIF for insurance against accidents. But 14% is clearly less than 26%, and the income tax and VAT – the forgotten concept. To move to a simplified taxation firm enough to observe following conditions: the average number of employees for the tax (reporting) period should not exceed 100 people, and income over the same period – 20 million rubles, and net fixed assets and intangible assets – 100 million rubles. Well, in the share capital must not exceed 25% of shares of another organization. Go to "uproschenku" can be almost any time of the enterprise, when these conditions are met. A better fit submit a statement already at the state registration agencies – start-up company to comply with conditions a lot easier, and the procedure is simple to indecency. And another major plus for a small company – to keep books accounting for "uproschenke" is not necessary – is sufficient to consider only the fixed assets and intangible assets. So every quarter summed up and sent by e-mail accounts – and everything to an accountant you can not spend money.

Intellectual Structure

Now we go further, is the third category Our intellectual property estate agency – it is a client capital. Satisfaction with collaboration clients to your real estate agency relationships between customers and your agency structure of the client. Very important questions that address your staff, and the client pays you for a quick and quality work of your employees. This includes the performance of the property with as quickly executed customer orders it and the quality of customer service, customer satisfaction from the work of real estate agents. Further details can be found at Mark Bertolini, an internet resource. We're with you, colleagues, and often hear from clients that here in this real estate agency treated him not very well. We now you understand the structure of the intellectual capital of our agency (say at once honest, in this article, I will not address all points listed, and list all the moments in your work, I can not better What will you do it), and now we all know what we can control. Now we have to understand that and what resources are in our hands, what intellectual capital we have.

Now we analyze the strengths and weaknesses our resources. Where are our strengths, which are weak, that can be strengthened. And based on this knowledge we develop strategy for our organization. There are seven strategies for the development of intellectual capital, this strategy development of each capital with each other – the human with the structure, the structure with the client, and so on, and the most recent seventh strategy – it's the interaction of all three intellectual capital. When you go to last seventh strategy of intellectual capital, you will not reach the pinnacle of the intellectual development of the organization, here passed all stages of development, the whole chain and improved can only rest on our laurels. If you know what exhausted, and all – is no longer yours, then there is joy, now you can safely go out of business by simply selling it, but selling a business that has intellectual resources to attract quite a few willing, and maybe you will become so attractive investment that you need to sell your business, otherwise you will survive out of it correctly, well done, this is business, nothing personal. But still, it's time to build a new structure, new approach to the organization, without clearly built and well-functioning intellectual capital will soon be impossible to earn, and who was the first move on the rails intellectual development, and will be in pole position.

Science Technology

This method is suitable for both the individual and for collective work. Many times I have used this method myself and it never let me down. The special value it is that it allows you to manage the chaos in the human mind: first, to create chaos in the form of a list of questions and then move him to order. First, to the order of questions, and then ordered to content. Other method so effective work with the chaos I have not seen.

CONCLUSION Well, a colleague, you have read the description of my experiences. Now what this will you do? Think, for now here are some thoughts, perhaps not indisputable for you. My meeting with the Head can be understood symbolically as a meeting of Technology and Science at the moment overawed Science, Technology and helped her. Technology – it can almost certainly say – always was and is ahead of Science. To understand this – it is necessary understand the main functions of Science and Technology in the fate of mankind from the days when they were divided.

The main function of technology – to change the world and man in it. The main function of Sciences – to understand the world and man. Not "know" how often write and understand. Understanding – the next step for knowledge and higher. One might ask, why learn, for what? And the answer I found only one – to understand. But do we understand what it means to "understand"? In order to understand The world should listen to him. But do we understand what it means to "listen"? It seems that those who can be called "technicians of humanity," had the ability to listen and to understand or acquire it in the process of creating a technology that does not pass stage of knowledge, at least scientific. It is clear to me that "understand" and "change" – complementary roles. Better, more efficiently, cheating, when you know. But change is possible and not understanding. Here's a picture of life. A little boy stands near a frozen puddle and trying to break the ice with his heel. What is he doing? You can say "experiment to determine the strength of ice", is not it? But by saying so, we would have identified but not yet realized it. He tries to change of the world, to understand how much force must be applied for such a change. It simultaneously live and scientist and technologist. He is now at the stage of humanity, when the functional separation of Science Technology has not yet happened. Now ask yourself – so what can we, the people with conscience dissected and strangers crowded stereotypes teach this kid? Should not we first learn to listen to the world, so how does he do it? Listen to Understand the World. Should we not, before going to teach these kids, to regain the ability to listen and understand, lost in the heat of acquiring knowledge of "science"? According to my observations, these two abilities are lost in most of the children very early. Much earlier than is lost in these fantasy Ribot. And the loss of imagination as the ability, perhaps it is because of the loss of the basic ability to listen to The World, that is, to let him in myself, let him to enter his mind. So what do you do with all this, my colleague?

West Franchising

The deputy is interested in strengthening the control over the reforms. Russia’s market economy is really very young. There a lot of problems: a weak labor market mobility, lack of inter- credit markets, the very high cost of capital, underdevelopment of the stock market as a source of funds for development. At the moment, unfortunately, nobody is able to clearly explain why we relocate to the WTO and will we be on the this is good. The problems of the majority of domestic manufacturers to join the WTO does not have any relation.

They need to be addressed within the country. As a tool that enhances the competitiveness, it is possible in certain consider the degree of franchising. The franchise system of doing business, as a rule, already established, with its own standards, tested and worked through, with selected and trusted partners-franchisees. It “Small country” with their ideals, concepts, rapidly growing, gaining new territory. Here, all united by a common idea and common benefit of both individual enterprises and the whole system.

There is strength and means to defend its interests and its business. The main advantage of franchising is a productive presence and increase the competitiveness of the entire system to other similar systems. Opportunity formulation and implementation of common objectives by a number of reasons, such as strategic vision, quality characteristics applied model of franchising, management and economic potential, organization and subjects of business ethics franchise relationship. Requirement and at the same time the advantage of franchising is the complex nature of the relationship of the participants and their high level of transparency. Permanent exchange of information makes it possible to assess the market situation with high reliability, enhance the quality of strategic planning and marketing, to manage conflict. Common desire to improve and competent management, aimed at optimizing the information, material and financial flows can achieve stability in the development of the franchise system and stimulate its growth. In turn, the internal strengths and improve the reputation of the whole system have a major impact in raising the level of trust franchise relationship to the subjects and their reputations. Taking advantage system provides additional opportunities for the development of each franchisee.

Axis Analysis

Methods analysis varied. To perform a full range of analysis combine several generic methods. Analysis results are compared with each other and on the basis of information received form the proposal optimization range. Methods of analysis range to consider in detail the principles of these methods will not, because they are sufficiently covered in other articles. Very briefly on them. Mark Bertolinis opinions are not widely known.

ABC-XYZ analysis ABC analysis is based on the law of Pareto. The main provision of the law states a fundamental value of the ratio 80/20. With regard to the formation of trading range, this means that 20% of products generate 80% of income, and conversely 80% of products generate revenue only 20%. The result of the ABC-XYZ analysis is the ability to determine the most profitable 20% of the goods. To perform ABC analysis to identify the following factors – the object of analysis and test analysis. In analyzing the range the store can become objects of commodity groups, product categories, headings, specific brands, suppliers of products.

The criterion of analysis can be sales – trade, direct profit from the goods. Checking article sources yields Aetna as a relevant resource throughout. BCG Matrix BCG Matrix is based on principles: The X-axis: percentage of net sales (calculated as the ratio of sales of the product to sales of the company during the same period), Axis Y: the growth rate of sales of product in relation to previous period (the ratio of sales of this product in the current period for sales of the same product in the previous period). If the goods are not present in the range of the company last year, it is recommended its growth rate is taken as 100%. The point of the section of products in terms of growth can be defined as the average growth rate of all the products for evaluation period. The point of the partition of goods largest share of sales is determined by peer review, after the application of the matrix of all the company's products.